Artist's Statement

Combining the perfect curve with the richness of our Tennessee trees brings me great joy whether the final piece is a classic bowl or figurative sculpture. Every tree has a story. Each piece is the voice of the tree inspiring deeper connections with our natural world. I strive to create works of turned wood that, as my first mentor, the late Charles Alvis, would say are, “an applause to the tree.”

Middle Tennessee has an exceptionally rich variety of tree species. By making one of a kind turned art pieces out of felled trees, I not only rescue the trees, but preserve their essence. I cut the tree into manageable pieces using a chainsaw. Then I shape it on the lathe, carving away ribbons of wood to reveal the sensuous curves that define my work.

My inspirations are deeply “rooted” in the raw material embodying strong classic form to do justice to the ancient walnut, osage orange, sweet cherry, pecan and many other amazing trees.